Wonders of the universe

After watching the BBC series "Wonders of the universe" a friend referred me to the blog of Gia Milinovich Apart from other interesting stuff she wrote an article about herself suffering from 'the invisible wife syndrome'. In her column she refers to Albert Einsteins wife. A horrible story about getting pregnant very young and unmarried and having to give up her study, the death of her child a difficult marriage and more. I read the story of Mileva before, it made me quiet. Another fascinating story is of Marie Curie. She was able to work, but died from the radiation that she was exposed to during her research. Her husband died very young from an accident, so she wasn't very lucky either, but still her story makes me feel better. We have a few chances in life, if we are lucky, I have had a lot I suppose the next one is to finish my book..

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