Pictogram design for I-phone

This April during the Appmonth, there will be a Masterclass pictogram design because it is APPril, we will focus on pictogram design for the Iphone.

First we will explain a bit about pictogram design, what is it and how to get started.
We will show some examples in style and technique and give a short update on techniques in Illustrator CS5.5 that can be used to create icons.
We will explain what specifications are basically needed for the Iphone app.

All you need to bring is a laptop with Illustrator and photoshop CS5 and maybe a mouse or your wacom tablet.

After the introduction the workshop starts in which we will help you to create the:

  • App Icon
  • Splash screen
  • Header Image
  • Tab Icons

(Basic knowledge of photoshop and Illustrator is needed)

Masterclass pictogram design

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