A trip to Marocco

6 MAY 2011

We left for a trip to Marocco. We packed the bus without mind mapping, the first day I thought we missed things but slowly the further we moved away from home I forgot about it. There is not much you need on the road. We drove to Algeciras in about five days. A short stop in Contisse Plage, than at the Bilbao at the Gugenheim, impressive expo Richard Serra, Jeff koons, loved his plant dog. Great building but cold and boring, no coffee corner way to serious and a parking ticked when we got back to the car. After Londen one is rather spoiled. There is no city who can top the atmosphere over there. Free entrance, lots of visitors, up to date wonderful art, a good combination of entertainment, real life, wifi connection in museums, coffee and cakes, music and singing combined with art what more can you wish for? Nevertheless it was worth it. We drove through Madrid down to the coast and from there we went to Granada to see the Alhambra, which was a disaster. We had to move our car and being irritated we drove into a parked car, they sold us a ticket for the garden instead of the mosque because that was sold out for the day. We felt ripped of and mistreated. Wether we where just tired or we ran into the wrong kind of people, you never really know, but we were pretty frustrated and got out of there as quickly as we could. On to the real mosques, back on the road out of the city we slowly calmed down and forgot about the experience. We took the boat from Algaciras, 2 hours max, for 218,- euro's with the bus. We bought the tickets along the road, on the way back we bought them at the harbour for 210,-. Why am I writing that down? We bought some food in Septa, (Ceuta) and crossed the border. It was early in the morning, and guys hopped up and down to help us, we let them. Ronald gave the guy who assisted us, what he asked, which might have spoiled him for the rest of his life, but we where glad everything went ok and drove of. We decided to drive along the coast up to Et Tieta de Oued Laou parked the car along a river and camped there. It was a wonderful spot, farmers passed by with their horses and donkeys who drank in the river, while their owners went to work on the field, woman and man, friendly kind people who let us be. Next day we left and drove to Chefchaouen, and from  there on we followed the route on the map underneath. Marocco is a wonderful country, beautiful people, nice food and landscapes I had never seen before, just on some paintings in art history. I loved it, and I loved driving back home too. We took our time, went hiking in park national d'Ordesa, drove to the french Bordeaux coast, wine, and visiting friends in France, after that we went to Paris to see the Anish Kapoor expo, but could not find a parking spot for the bus, we ended up in the parking lod of the instead we drove a couple of rounds on the Place Charles de Gaulle, and to top it of we drove to Luxembourg to visit friends there. Thanks to our car, that never broke down on us, the friendly people we met (especially Bouziti Yahya and his familie at http://dar-eauvive.org/ in the mountains and Mohammed in Zagora) we had a great trip.

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