I phone app development

I started with indesign two years ago, to much illustrator after the olympic games, and desperately in need of something new to learn and develope. And because of the dutch forest book, I was having so much fun with the interactive section. I just like how every program seems to make it so easy to develope something for the web to be able to move things around, jump and suprise, is fun in real life but also while you design, and it used to be so hard because of the programming and now many features are there for me too! And I love that! While math could not keep me interested, computers do, because if you get it right it gives you something back. Somewhere everything and everybody comes together on the web. I can chat with long lost friends, see people I thought I'd never meet again. While a phonecall to Australia used to cost around 6 gulden, in the old age nowdays I can be online as long as I want to. I prayed for something like this and it happened. It's not real but it's much and much better than it used to be. I meet my friends on facebook, and connect with clients on linked in, everybody is there up in the air, feels like heaven doesn't it? I can not stick with one programm, learning about one thing inevetably leads to the next thing. After designing apps for the iphone, I had to know all about that phone, but that phone connects to my site, and flash doesn't work and I have to move around with my finger to open up pages, so media queri pops up and CS 5.5, dreamweaver I need that button... I am preparing a course for this summer. I have been learning so much the passed years and I love ever minute of it ... so time to spread the fever because there is so much on line to download, anybody with a computer can design his or her own app. Which already happens of course...For those of you who want to get started and can not wait to see what their own app would look like, you can just upload your png's and look look there is your own app...Yeeha!
But what's an app if you can not play with it? To design the flashscreen  for your web app is not that hard, but if you would like to create something people actually like and use..a game, I have to dig deeper to see if I can find some ways to do that..
For now some tips for starters.

Mindmap your idea, write it down and design your own icon and splash screen.
For the real stuff Download IOS SDK at apple developers center. It's free and it's perfect for Iphone and Ibook apps.
Loads of information, check out some great movies to download into your itunes folder that have loads of info to improve your so called "app mindset"while you are waiting for the train...

For the easy way, check out these links and figure it out for yourself or follow my training course this summer, in Amsterdam at Multimedialab
6 lessons just to get into it.

scheduled August 29, 2011 from 13:00  to 15:30


think and safe:

-App name (max 11 Characters)
-App Icon 512x512 PNG
-Splash screen 640x960 PNG
-Header Image 640x88 PNG
-Tab Icons 60x60 PNG 

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