Corporate identity Claudine Grin photography.

Claudine Grin is a great photographer, she works a lot for advertising but has developed a very personal style since she's living in the country of france. I especially love her free work. 

She asked me to develope a logo for her without using any of the usual photography symbols.
What a relief. So I focused on her initials and her style. In her work she brings out the best in people. Special moments and occasions, portraits, family pictures, children, dreams combined with nature. She drives an old citroen light blue 2 CV (that she can repair all by herself!) She's tough, smart, fun and cool, and at the same time has a great taste for style and beauty. So lots of inspiration.The logo will be used as a monogram on the pictures. Besides the logo she needed a new design for her writing paper. 
Because she designs her own cards for the people she works for I developed some icons in illustrator she can play around with. She can put her pictures behind the logo designs or just use one logo. She has picked her favorite and because her styles vary as much as her talents I just felt like she should just use them all.

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