Illustrator lessons

I will teach again, just 6 lessons. Image design how hard can it be?

Kick off: 13 november 2013, from then on every wednesday I will probably torture you from 17.45- 20.15. You'll be released the 18th of december.

What is it like to be a designer and how to manage a job?

Lesson 1: A job comes in, how to get started? Pick a job, do you want to design an editorial illustration, a pictogram, a childrensbook illustration, a logo. Research, questions, styles and estimates.
Lesson 2: First sketches & how to make a decent presentation for your client. For every kind of job certain things matter, fonts, lay out, colors, collect things you think are right for your client and make a proper presentation.
Lesson 3: Round of adjustments, comments and feedback. What to do and what not to. Adjustments can be endless unless you have explained your client in which stage he needs to respond on what. 
Lesson 4: Completing the final art work. Color proposals and techniques.
Lesson 5: How to prepare the art work for print/web. Boring but prevents a nervous breakdown if you get a real assignment.
Lesson 6: Presentation of the finals. The fun part; a review of all that we have done, what is great and what never to do again.

For who?
Everybody who loves to design and wants to play with Adobe Illustrator Photoshop and Indesign.
Some basic knowledge of Adobe programs is a huge advantage.

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