Rooster image

The rooster.

Assignment for Alfred (a dutch Amsterdam based advertising agency) through agent art box.
Alfred came up with a concept for their client; the dutch newspaper the Telegraaf.

Every week the newspaper has an advert on their website. The cockerel shouts something like "bargain! For early birds.". The dutch word for cockerel is haan and the word for bargain is aanbieding, the combination of those words is what he is shouting; haanbieding.

My task was, to draw a cockerel shouting haanbieding through a newspaper. The image should work in black and white for newspaper adverts and in color as well for the website. 
Usable on a small scale and large and in the background a simple dutch landscape.

The cockerel should be stylish, jugenstil like, but funny and colorful as well. Not too much of a character, but not too old fashioned and serious either. I made some pencil sketches to figure out what style they where looking for.

They chose option E, which I colored and redrew in illustrator.

The feedback was that it should look more manly, the cockerel looked a bit to feminine. We thought it might be because he was walking on his tiptoes, and his waist might be to thin. The colors might be to bright.  I played around a bit with colors his position his wings waist and eyes.

Than we got it, nr 9/10 was chosen with the comb of nr 1. This is the final result:

Today on the website and in the newspaper. 

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