UCI World Championships

Briefing was to create a Campaign image for banners and brochure. 

  • Use the colors of the campaign so far, bleu and green.
  • Use the colors of the main sponsor Rabobank, orange and another blue.
  • Use the colors of the UCI.
  • Do something with Limburg, the hills, the province of the Netherlands that lies in the middle between Germany and Belgium. A good place to work and live.
  • A cyclist.
  • Stick to the visual identity of the UCI. (a backdrop to be used as a background.)

My own target was to make something new and different form the Grand depart illustration. I wanted to use some blurs and transform tools to get away from the graphic identity and to add some speed to the image.
I used the dots from the official backdropp and transformed them in illustrator as if the wind had been playing with them. The colors of the first brochure and the website combined with the blue and orange of the sponsor. I illustrated a cyclist from another perspective than the one for the Grand Depart of the tour de France.
For starters I did a lot of research and presented my idea. Sorry I am not mentioning all the creators in this file. I admire their work and if somebody needs info about anything send me an email and if I can, I will let you know where I found the image.

Than I took pictures of a model with a race bike. I looked for pictures of the real race bikes on the internet. Amazing what they have, there are wonderful bikes and adds. 
After I send over the sketch I started drawing everything in illustrator. The colors where added and combined with eachother in gradients. In the background I used a lot of blurs and feathers. I transformed the original dots from the graphic identity into dots that seem to come out of the helmet and his shirt. It looks great, but is pretty hard to enlarge for the banners. After calculating a lot and being very slow Illustrator crashed or refused to safe it kept on telling me the files where to large to rasterize and therefor I exported it as a tif file reopened in in photoshop and enlarged it there. Fortunately the printer only needed 100dpi, cutting out the images after blowing up parts of the illustration helped a bit. Wow the erasor tool is such a great tool. 
For the presentation I printed it at my favorite printshop (sprintprint) in Amsterdam, they have lovely paper, thick and a bit cream colored Schoellershammer which gave the image a nice retro look.

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