I phone app design

Design Iphone app:

Start with Mockup
Read iOS Human Interface Guidelines
Browse internet for free cool vector art and png's
Send it to a builder.

My first iphone app design, assigned by IVM, the idea was to develop and app for people who get started with anti depressants and those who would like to stop. 
Apparently that has to go slow, and step by step. The app tells you why and how. Marcel Stroo came up with the idea, and after playing around sketching and dragging photoshop picts, Marco d'Agata came up with a cool presentation in Mock up, the perfect program to build the first presentation. After that I wish I  I struggled along trying to make a glossy App store icon with round corners, tekst and everything from illustrator to photoshop png's...which the builder can do in a sec better and easier to edit in case there are changes....
Learned some nice new things in Illustrator. 
Thanks to you tube colleques an lynda.com. And fund some great free vector buttons, icons, there is so much stuff around it's amazing if you unwrap the fills you can see how people do it, it was so much fun. Free presents from everybody.
The appbuilder at Logitec, Ronnie de Lang gave me some good advice.
Check these out, if you want to design an app:

The app is not published yet so I can not share the finals yet but I can show you the stuff that will not be in there. 

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