RED & Blomsma

This morning I had the pleasure to meet with Mark van Rikxoort, he is the organizer who took care of the City Dressing of the Grand Depart. His organization is called RED and offers full service outdoor communication. It was good to meet him and we decided next time we are on the same project, we have to hook up sooner in the process. Same goes for Blomsma, whom I visited this afternoon great people to work with who are willing to do everything that is needed to make the project a succes. Communication between the producers and creators in an early stage is such a big benefit for the result. Together you just know a lot more and therefor can produce a better result. This afternoon Danny Stam showed me around at their firm. They can do pretty much everything in print. But more important I realized advise on print  is actually a must before the design process starts. 
Besides I had the pleasure to meet Patrick Klomp who was the project leader for the huge print on the Maas. We spoke on the phone during the project, but it's much better to meet somebody in person. 
Good story... the huge print at the Maas ripped the second day, and had to be fixed. That day at the WK, our soccer team won the game against Brazil in South Afrika.. You can imagine that it wasn't easy to find somebody who picked up the phone to fix the banner :o)

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