Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France

Finalized the city dressing for the grand depart. Last year my Australian cycling friend called and told me tour was starting from Rotterdam in 2010. "What?" I called out, I did not know.
I went to see the tour in Paris for the first time when I was 17, great memories. And now it would be starting in Rotterdam, the city I have lived in for the passed 10 years. I really wanted to do something, so I was awake all night thinking about how to make it happen. Since the olympics I found out that most things, you truly want, happen, but you got to make it happen. So the next day I called the Organisation Commity and got a name, and called Peter Schuiten with my proposal.
I proposed to develope a corporate image, no strings attached, and he would give me ten minutes of his time, to take a look and consider weather he was interested or not.
He invited Leon Brouwer to the meeting and they proposed my image to the committee.
They liked it. So I could get started. :)
First they only wanted a poster, the poster became the corporate image and I designed a boarding and a stage, it was printed on billboards, and abri's, banners t-shirts, keycords, tickets and well you know.

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