Leo Obstbaum

Just wanted to upload Leo Obstbaum, for people who did not know him and visit this blog. He was the creative director of the vanoc design team. Inspiring, motivating short a pleasure to work with. There is a you-tube movie with everybody of the vanoc design team in vancouver canada in memory of Leo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-JFboOsB3Q. I worked closely with Ben (www.benhulse.com) and Leo on the sportillustrations, (and the simplified versions of the illustrations; the pictograms). It was great fun, as they where very driven, kind and commited. I have to update my website, to add some links so you can check out the others of the team. Will do that soon.. But first I need to finish the dutch forest book..For now if you are interested, check out linkedIn for the vanoc designteam.

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